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Episode 68: SuperCop - Police Story 3 (1996)

supercopReleased in 1992 in China, then in the United States in 1996, "SuperCop" is the third installment in Jackie Chan's incredibly successful Chinese film franchise "Police Story!" At Buddy's direction, Jeff and Chad head to the east to take in the first of two Chinese action comedies. Directed by Stanley Tong, and co-starring Michelle Yeoh, SuperCop finds Inspector Chan Ka Kui once again being called upon to stop crime, this time in the form of a drug lord about to escape from prison. Featuring the stunt work of Chan and Yeoh (all of the stunts, mind you), this film will make you gasp as you realize that all of the stunts were actually performed by Chan and Yeoh themselves (no CGI, no stunt people for them)! And while there was some dissatisfaction with the story elements, no one could fault the incredible agility and skill of the stuntwork in the film!

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