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Episode 64: Pump Up the Volume (1990)

pumpupthevolumeIt was the end of the Reagan era, and those in high school were turning on "yuppie" parents and trying to figure out how to walk their own paths, and talk their own talk, in a decade they felt was devoid of meaning. Enter Happy Harry Hard-On, the pirate radio DJ, giving the disillusioned youth a voice, and a hero to rally around! Written and directed by Allan Moyle, and starring Christian Slater, Ellen Green, a very early (and brief) appearance by young Seth Green, and introducing Samantha Mathis, this film is the ultimate youth reaction to the Reagan era, and the censorship of our voice on the public airwaves, threaded through with teen angst, romance, and death! A positive, albeit somewhat mixed review, with an unlikely champion among the reviewers!

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